The Best Online Card Games 2021

The Best Online Card Games 2021

When it’s cold or raining outside, it’s the perfect time to pass the chilly evening with a serious card game, be it outside with your mobile or alone in the house. To help you choose and give you some strategic tips, here are the best card games to play online in 2021:

7. Poker

Poker is arguably the most popular game of chance in the world, both on and offline. It is notorious for the many variations that require risk, strategy and skill. The basics always remain the same: make a hand that wins the round or bluff and convince your fellow players to fold in time.

Online tournaments and the chance to play against other players as well as the house open up a huge range of poker games to online casinos.

If you’ve tried a standard poker game before, Texas Hold’em, Deuces Wild or Jacks or Better may be for you. There is something unique about poker that opens up endless different possibilities for female players.

6. Rummy

The key in this game is to match cards to a corresponding sequence (three or more consecutive cards of the same suit) or set (three or four cards of the same number or figure).
To win at rummy online, you must lay out all the cards in your hand in combinations, leaving one card, which you then throw into the discard pile. Rummy is easy to play and understand, making it ideal to play on the go on your smartphone.

5. Solitaire

Solitaire has become a huge hit online and mimics the classic card game. You can compete against other players, the casino or yourself and win money in any of these ways. The basic goal is to discard all the cards you’ve been dealt and place them against the pile of cards at the top right of the screen.

In doing so, you win something each time you succeed. Most games require 11 cards to be discarded before the player benefits from their initial bet, but with 52 cards and a few good runs, there is a lot to be gained.

4. Blackjack

Blackjack, also known as 21, is closely related to poker and is one of the most stylish games in the casino world. Basically, the game is based on having a hand with a higher total than the croupier, but without exceeding 21 points or you win by making the house bust your hand with more than 21 points and thus lose.

Exactly 21 points makes the perfect hand here. With features like the double down, online blackjack is a strategy game and with its numerous current games around it, it is still one of the coolest genres 2021.

3. Video poker

Poker has long made it onto the hit list, but video poker games need their own place on it. There are endless variations, including the card games Five Card Draw, Tens or Better, Bonus Poker, Sigma Flush and Joker Poker.

Video poker is similar in many ways to the slots interface, but here it is played with cards and the aim of the game is to make a good hand.

To give you an idea of the payouts: A machine can pay you x1 for a hand in the Jacks or Better game (Jacks or higher) and up to x800 for a Royal Flush. In addition, some video poker card games offer progressive jackpots, making them a very attractive option for classic card game players.

2. Live card tables

Card games at the live table are more a genre of their own than a concrete game. Nevertheless, they hold more and more attractive options for players, whether on a mobile device or laptop.
The card games available are like those you can play in the lounges of classic online casinos, but blackjack is the most played card game. With real croupiers and a high-definition stream from legitimate casino lounges, the VIP player is king here.

1. Casino war

If you’re looking for a fun and potentially lucrative game, look to Casino War, also known as Bataille Royale. Although it is well known in both land-based and online casinos, it is rather rare to find in German casinos.

The game principle is basically quite simple, but it is worth taking a look at the rules and doing a test run with small stakes. In most versions there are six stacks and each player gets one card. The game is played against the house. Whoever gets the higher card wins.

The cards have the same values as in poker. When cards of equal value are turned over, either the players draw the house. In the process, the stakes are raised and more cards are turned over until a winner is determined. There is more excitement in this dynamic casino game with the additional betting options of ante, tie and raise.

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