Rainbow Six Siege Betting

Rainbow Six Siege Betting

Competitions & best betting providers

First-person shooters are a dime a dozen on the competitive video game market. The games that are particularly successful on computers and consoles are those that expand popular game concepts with meaningful additions. One example of how this works is Rainbow Six Siege.

The tactical shooter from Ubisoft has become increasingly professional since its release and attracts a large fan community in front of the screens when eSports players compete against each other in teams of five. If you want to bet on it, Rainbow Six Siege Betting gives you the chance to do so.

How Rainbow Six Siege works

Rainbow Six is probably a familiar name to most video game fans. The first game was released back in 1998 and – like the entire series – is based on the “Operation Rainbow” books by Tom Clancy. The spin-off Rainbow Six Siege – Siege, by the way, is English for “siege” – was released in December 2015.

The multiplayer mode is still very popular today. The rules are very simple:

  • Two teams of five players compete against each other.
  • Each player chooses a so-called operator, to which individual gadgets and weapons are available.
  • The team that first wins a predetermined number of rounds wins the game.
  • Depending on the game mode, the enemy team must be killed, hostages rescued, bombs defused or a dangerous goods container brought to safety for a round victory.

So far this sounds like a conventional first-person shooter, as it is often found. This is where the additions mentioned at the beginning come into play:

  • Windows, doors and walls can be destroyed with weapons, resulting in a dynamic game world.
  • Windows, doors and walls can also be reinforced with gadgets and thus protected.
  • Additional gadgets such as barbed wire or explosive charges can be used to reinforce your own position.

Thus, no round in Rainbow Six Siege is the same, since players must constantly act and react to the actions of the opponent.

In theory this may sound simple, but in practice these possibilities give the game an unimagined depth. Especially since not every operator has the same gadgets.

The best Rainbow Six Siege Bookmakers

Even though eSports is becoming more and more popular with bookmakers, Rainbow Six Siege bets are relatively sparsely represented. So you don’t have to search, we did it for you.

The biggest betting offer at Rainbow Six can be found at bet365. Numerous competitions (more on this later) are provided with odds there. The same applies to the wide-spread betway in eSports betting.

Instructions for Rainbow Six Siege betting

Once you have decided on a betting provider, it can already start. For your Rainbow Six bets, just follow these four steps:


It’s not possible without a betting account. To open one, keep your eyes peeled for a button “Registration” or “Register” on the provider’s website.

Then you fill out the registration form. Often you also have to click on a confirmation link that you will receive by email. Then you log into your new account and make the first deposit.

Tip: Pay attention to a welcome bonus, which gives you additional betting credit. You can get one from the providers we recommend and use it for Rainbow Six Siege bets!

Select Rainbow Six Siege

Some betting providers run eSports with their own tab directly on the home page, while others have them listed under the available sports. Also keep in mind that the naming of Rainbow Six Siege bets differs depending on the provider.

In our example you can see bet365, where the area is listed under E-Sports and is simply called “R6”. At many bookmakers it is also displayed as “Rainbow Six” or “eSports Rainbow Six”.

Select match & bet type

If you have selected the Rainbow Six area, you will usually be shown the available tournaments. Select the right one there to get an overview of all matches. By clicking on the corresponding odds, you put the tip in the betting slip.


If you haven’t topped up your account as described in the first step, you should do so now. Then you enter the amount you want to bet and place your bet.

What to bet on at Rainbow Six Siege

In the big tournaments you will often come across a long-term bet where you can bet on the eventual winner. In addition, you can also tap individual games.

However, the selection here is small and cannot be compared with that of other games. As a rule, you can only bet on a winner in a selected match. However, it cannot be ruled out that further betting markets will be added in the future.

You can bet on these Rainbow Six Siege competitions

Even if there are many smaller or regional tournaments, there are two main competitions that make it into the calendar of Rainbow Six fans, which you can also find at all of our recommended betting providers:

  • Pro League
  • ESL (Electronic Sports League)

The Pro League is hosted directly by Rainbow Six developer Ubisoft. The absolute highlight here is the Six Invitational, which always takes place in February and at which a world champion is determined.

The league system that entitles you to participate underwent a major overhaul in February 2020. In future, the year will be divided into four parts, the so-called “stages”. While the first three end in a big major tournament, a qualifying tournament is planned for stage four in January and finally the Six Invitational in February.

Advantages of Rainbow Six Siege betting

Knowledge advantage

If you regularly pick up the controller yourself, you are already familiar with the game’s processes and intricacies. Use this knowledge advantage for your Rainbow Six Siege bets. As with any game based on teamwork, it’s all about finding the right mix of operators. The better you know them, the more confident you can be in making predictions about matches and their outcomes.


Rainbow Six is still new territory for many betting providers. They (still) lack the right feeling for odds. If you know the teams and the strengths and weaknesses of the individual players, you can use this to your advantage. If the bookmaker considers a team to be the underdog, this leads to high odds. If you now use your knowledge advantage, you can profit from it and pocket profits.

Betting markets

While many other eSports offer numerous betting markets to choose from, this is currently not the case with Rainbow Six Siege betting. So if you want to make your first experiences with betting on eSports, there is no danger of getting lost in a confusion of different possibilities. Simply bet on the winner of a match, it couldn’t be more complicated.

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