Martingale system as a betting strategy

Martingale system as a betting strategy

First stories about roulette go back to 1796. That’s when the table game was introduced in Paris. Although the French capital still enjoys a grand status today, it was especially prominent on the world stage at the time. In other words, everything that became popular in Paris would find its way to the rest of the world. And this was also true of the later world-famous roulette.

What was true for other games of chance would also be true for roulette: players would want to beat the house in all sorts of ways, and the Martingale system would be one of the most famous examples of this in the roulette game. The fact that this betting strategy is still used today is therefore significant. We’ll tell you more about it.

How does the Martingale system work?

The idea of this betting strategy is dead simple: You lose? Then the bet is doubled in the next round. Then you win? Then you win your lost bets back. Do you lose again? Then stick to the strategy and keep doubling. You do this until you win. The Martingale system is based on a simple principle: you cannot lose an infinite number of times. In other words, even if you lose a number of times in a row, at some point you will always win. And with that one increase in profit, you not only make up for all your previous losses, you also keep some money. Do you win? Then you have two choices: either you stop or you start all over again with this betting strategy. A condition of this strategy in roulette is that you bet on the outside bets that pay 2:1 (in other words: red/black, even/even, high/low).

Here’s an example:

Suppose you start with a bet of €2. Imagine that you lose. In that case, your next bet is £4. Do you win with this bet? Of that, $2 is profit because you lost the first $2 bet. Do you also lose the second round? Then your loss is €6. Still you keep doubling and you bet €8. Do you win now? Then your profit is €2. You have earned €16, but the €8 bet and the €6 loss are subtracted from your profit. The advantage of this betting strategy is that you can use it indefinitely, without it getting complicated.

The Roulette Strategy Martingale in Theory and Practice

Even in theory, this roulette strategy is risky and is shunned by professional players as a “murderous Martingale system”. Keep in mind with this system:

  1. Due to the zero or double zero, the bank always has the higher chance of winning.
  2. In case of a loss, the stake increases drastically. That even with one euro “starting capital”. If the chip or piece is then worth €10 or more, you are already playing in rounds four with a stake of at least €80 in round ten with a stake of €5120 (!).
  3. The same simple chance several times in a row is not uncommon in roulette. Therefore, with the Martingale system, you may have to have a very large amount of playing capital available to compensate for any losses.
  4. Last but not least, the limits in roulette should not go unmentioned. If you lose nine times with a stake of €10 and the casino limit for roulette is €5,000, you have no chance of recovering your loss.
01 1 1
02 2 3
03 4 7
04 8 15
05 16 31
06 32 63
07 64 127
08 128 255
09 256 511
10 512 1023

For whom is the Martingale system suitable?

The Martingale system as a roulette strategy is always mentioned and considered because our brain plays a trick on us. We think that if the colour black has fallen four or five times in roulette, red will surely come. This assumption is wrong: even if the colour black has fallen 20 times, the chance of black is again just under 50% the twenty-first time.

This roulette strategy is therefore only suitable for games for play money or, in the best case, for casino beginners to get used to the game with a few simple coups.

The doubling strategy is not limited to the game of roulette. In the meantime, attempts are being made to use the system in other areas as well. But no matter if it is roulette, or nonsensically also blackjack, poker and binary options. The Martingale system will always lead to a high loss in the long run and is not suitable for all these “types of games”!

Roulette in the 18th century

The first variant of roulette did not differ too much from the roulette we still play today. There would also be red and black pockets marked with the numbers 1 to 36. In the first variants, there were also two green spaces; the infamous ‘0’ and ’00’. Although the game was introduced as early as 1796, it would take almost a century before the game became truly popular among the French. Still, throughout the history of the roulette game, players would be eager to beat the system. What was probably not thought possible at the time was that the Martingale system would still be in use three centuries later.

This is partly because the Martingale system can also be used for other games of chance, such as baccarat or even sports betting. In fact, there are plenty of players who unconsciously apply these steps without being aware that a real gambling strategy is being followed. The Martingale system can be used in online roulette as well as offline roulette, and is attracting more and more users because of its simplicity.

Does this betting strategy work in roulette?

But that is also where the pitfall lies. Theoretically, you can lose more and more, and no player has an infinite amount of money at his disposal. By constantly doubling up, the betting strategy may come to an abrupt end due to a lack of budget. Many gaming tables also have certain betting limits. It is not inconceivable that you will run into a table limit while doubling and thus be forced to end your strategy and/or switch tables.

In many cases, however, the Martingale system turns out to be very practical, and that has to do with the logical simplicity that lies behind the strategy. Many people still use this system today, but it is important to know that the strategy remains more successful when working with higher table limits. Or does this not make it more risky? We cannot deny that either. Because if you start with a 10 euro bet, with a bit of bad luck of course, in no time you’ll be up against a bet of over a thousand euros. It is therefore important to know that the Martingale system cannot be used to manipulate the house.

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