8 useful tips for online slot machines

8 useful tips for online slot machines

Slots are the liveliest and most exciting games – both in the best online casinos and in the real casinos such as in Las Vegas. Since the internet boom, there are so many themes, bonus rounds and other features in the serious slot casinos that players can very quickly lose track.

Because there are many more variations of slot machines than of any other casino game, it makes sense that you take a little time and develop a strategy. Whether you are a seasoned expert, advanced or a complete novice, these tips will teach you how to play and win at slot machines. Feel free to save this page to refer back to our tips later.

Of course, we can’t guarantee winnings, but we have compiled a list of 5 helpful tips for playing online slots:

1. Play with higher values

To achieve the highest possible winnings, the stakes should also be correspondingly high. Higher stakes per spin will therefore pay out higher winnings than low stakes. Those who can afford to place a single high bet will reduce their chances of winning overall, but with a little luck, lucrative rewards can result.

Those who have the choice between two stakes of 1 euro or 2 euros should opt for the latter, for the reason that slot machines with higher stakes pay out much more. However, if you are not lucky, you will quickly lose the available gaming credit. So if you want to play for longer, the stakes should be smaller.

2. Place the highest bets

Play with maximum stakes and activate all paylines during the spin. More lines increase the chances of winning and the higher the bet, the higher the winnings.

Many features such as bonus games and progressive jackpots are not even triggered if not bet on all available lines. If you bet less, there are the same multipliers, but of course the winnings are also smaller. Jackpot hunters should therefore always place the maximum bets to ensure a chance at the top prize.

3. Complicated games reduce the winning odds

Complicated slot machines with many paylines, bonus rounds and multipliers usually have lower odds of winning. More features also mean more symbols and more reels, resulting in lower payout ratios. For this reason, players are more likely to score smaller wins on these slots or trigger a bonus feature such as free spins.

In some cases, the smaller wins can add up. For beginners, it makes sense to keep the game simple and play the 3-reel classics with one payline, for example. Of course, that doesn’t mean they can’t play the more complex slot machines, because those can be rewarding too. Sometimes lower odds and more difficult rules simply make the game more exciting.

4. Try slots

In good slot casinos, players have the chance to play games for fun first. This is a good way to try out a slot risk-free first before wagering real money.

So if you are not sure or want to learn more about the different bonus features, you can first dare a few spins with play money. When playing for free, you will quickly find out how the slots work and whether they appeal to you. Then you can play with real money or choose another slot machine. Some casinos also offer a bonus where you don’t have to make a deposit to play in the first place.

5. Do not think about “winnings due”.

Even if it is difficult to accept this: Winnings are paid out completely randomly on slot machines. Wins and losses are controlled by the random number generator. This means that there are basically no lucky or unlucky streaks. With every spin, you have a new chance to win.

Under no circumstances should you think that a win is “due” just because none has occurred for a while. That is simply not true. Don’t waste your money chasing the “due” win.

6. High or low payout ratios

Slot machines have either a high or a low payout ratio. Slots with a higher payout ratio provide more frequent and regular wins. Conversely, slots with low payout ratios tend to have low chances of winning. The slots are theoretically programmed to pay out a certain percentage of the deposits back to the players.

In slot casinos, all slots are first tested by independent testing laboratories before they are published. This ensures fairness because the outcome of a spin is controlled by the random number generator. The payout ratio can be found in the game rules of the individual slots.

7. Play with coins

Those who use coins on online slot machines have better control over the stakes. For example, if you play 100 coins worth 0.01 euro each on a slot machine with 20 paylines, you can activate all the paylines, multiply them by 0.05 euro and invest only 1 euro per spin.

In this way, your money is better invested than if you bet 1 euro on a single payline, for example. This strategy not only increases your chances of winning on each spin, but also the probability of a bigger win, because theoretically you could win on 20 lines with a single spin.

8. Stop at the right time

As with any other game of chance, fun should always come first in slot machines. Play with set limits: decide how much you can afford to win or lose and what tips or tricks are useful for playing the machine. Under no circumstances should players try to “recoup” the losses, as this usually leads to even more losses.

If the game is no longer fun, players should stop. All reputable online casinos, including new slot casinos, have a “responsible gambling” section. Here players can get information on how to set limits on their own to control their gambling.

Now you know everything important about playing online slots. The most important thing is that you play in the way that suits you best. There is an almost gigantic selection of slot machines, so every player can discover the right slot machine for them. In most online casinos you will also find generous bonus offers that are worthwhile for playing the slots.

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