ZeroTier delivers the capabilities of VPNs, SDN, and SD-WAN with a single system. Manage all your connected resources across both local and wide area networks as if the whole world is a single data center.


Kindly follow the instructions very carefully and apply them ONE BY ONE. Do not apply a step before another or apply one but not the other. Any wrong applications will be ignored.

  1. Head to this link and download ZeroTier One Client.
  2. Install it with the normal settings.
  3. Open ZeroTier One client.
  4. Close the main window.
  5. Copy the network ID d3ecf5726dd22363
  6. Right click the ZeroTier icon in the taskbar and choose Join network, paste the network ID you copied, tick Allow Default then press Join. Wait for the pop up message and click Yes.
  7. Right click the ZeroTier icon in the taskbar and choose Quit then re-open it.
  8. Right click the ZeroTier icon in the taskbar and make sure it shows d3ecf5726dd22363 and that it is checked. Click Show Networks and make sure it says ACCESS_DENIED which means that you are connected to the server but awaiting to be confirmed. 
  9. Fill the registration form. Allow 1-12 hours for your Node ID to get confirmed. To get your ZeroTier Node ID, open ZeroTier client, right click the icon in the Windows Taskbar and click the Node ID (first item in the menu). Clicking the Node ID will automatically copy it.
  10. Once you get a confirmation message from MrMeDoALi that your Node ID has been accepted, start ZeroTier (or Quit and start it if it was already running), right click the ZeroTier icon in the taskbar and make sure it now shows d3ecf5726dd22363 (MR-GAMER™ LAN Server) and that it is checked.
  11. That’s it! Now start your favorite game that supports LAN and host or join hosts.

Once you finish playing, right click the ZeroTier icon in the taskbar and choose Quit. DO NOT disconnect from the LAN server.


Here is a list of the playable games on the ZeroTier Server (Games on the website):

  1. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.
  2. Call of Duty: World War II.
  3. The Forest.
  4. Dying Light.
  5. Arma III.
  6. Rocket League.

For a full list of LAN games that can be played on the ZeroTier server, click here.


  1. Any misuse or abuse to the service will get you permanently banned, that includes toxicity in the server chat, game chat, toxicity in games (shaming, calling names or excessive teamkilling), exploiting glitches or hacking in any game. Reports will be reviewed periodically and serious actions will be taken.
  2. ALWAYS use the in-game name you provided while filling the form. Using a different name without informing MrMeDoALi first will get you temporarily banned as a warning. Repeating this behavior for a second time will get you permanently banned from the server.
  3. If you want to change your in-game name, message MrMeDoALi with your Node ID and the new in-game name you want to use. You can change your in-game name for up to 3 times ONLY.
  4. DO NOT disconnect from the server. Disconnecting might cause some connection issues.
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