I have the right game version, although I can not FIND any hosts

Make sure you have the latest game version (Currently is (Build 11757238)). Kindly check your current game version, following this guide. Apply the required updates/patches if necessary/available. If you don’t have “Display game info” option, then you are on a very old version that is not playable on Tunngle anymore. I suggest you head to this link and download the first repack you will find (55.0 GB). It is already updated to the latest working version with Tunngle.

If you have Windows 10, kindly check if you have a red X on your Tunngle adapter in your Control Panel, if yes, then kindly follow the suggestions mentioned in this topic.

I have an error while trying to launch the game (For example 0x0xxxxx142)

Please make sure that you have installed all the Microsoft Windows Essentials available here.

Try starting the game as an administrator.

I have installed the game, but the language is strange

To change your game language, kindly follow this guide.

When I join any host, my ping spikes to 9999 and then I get disconnected

Go to Tunngle, click Settings > Options and tick Tunngle DNS, then click OK and give Tunngle a restart. Also make sure you always start Tunngle as an administrator.

I get an error "ISDONE.DLL" while installing the game

Go to this link and download the file, extract it, then copy the files to C:\Windows\System32 and also to C:\Windows\SysWOW64, restart your PC and then try reinstalling.

I want to change the interface metric value

To change your Interface Metric, kindly watch this video by Mr.Doofy.

Everytime I launch the game, I get "User profile loading error"

Close your game, then navigate to > C:\Users\Public\Puplic Documents\uPlay\CODEPUNKS or CODEX\Saves\R6S and delete the file 0x1.sav, then start your game again, by right-clicking your shortcut and choosing Run as Administrator.

My in-game name is CODEX/CODEPUNKS, how can I change it

To change your name, close your game, navigate to where you have installed your game, double click CODEPUNKS/CODEX.ini and change the text after “UserName=” then save the changes by accessing “File” menu and clicking “Save” or by pressing “CTRL+S“.

If you get an error while saving that you don’t have enough permissions to save the file, copy the file to your desktop, then follow the steps I mentioned above to change your name, save the file and then copy it back to the game files, and accept to replace.


Kindly head to this link, download the file and extract it, then copy all the files inside and paste into your game, and accept to replace then try starting your game again.


I need to port forward and get the green emoji

If you need to port forward, kindly watch this video by Mike Haper.

Someone is bothering me in the chat or being toxic

The only solution is to add them to your blacklist. To do so, right click their name and click “Add to blacklist“, choose “Chat only” if you want to only block them in chat or click “Full ban” if you want to block them in chat and from joining your host if you’re hosting, choose the period you want to have them banned and then click “OK“. You can click “Settings” and “Blacklist” to manage your blacklist later.

I want to disable Tunngle sounds

To disable Tunngle sounds, you can either click “Settings” and then click “Sounds“, and untick “Enable sounds” and hit “Apply” then “OK” or you can simply click the SPEAKER icon on the buttom right corner of Tunngle next to the Green/Yellow emoji.

I want to bookmark my favorite game networks

To bookmark your favorite network for easier access, search for the netwrok and then right click the desired network and choose “Add to bookmarks” .. you can access your bookmarked networks later by clicking the STAR icon on the TITLE BAR of Tunngle.

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